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A Rich Rhyming Reference

Discover the world's first dynamic rhyming dictionary with 30 different rhyme types and more than 330,000 entries. Get inspired by one of the largest collections of American sayings, clichés, idioms as well as song titles and flex Rhyme Genie's muscle with a powerful intelligent rhyme algorithm. Change from one-syllabic to multi-syllabic rhymes with a single click and see a wealth of near rhymes appear by simply decreasing the similarity in sound.


Breaks Through Creative Bottlenecks

Stay focused with a freely scalable dictionary and a wordfilter with over 130,000 parts of speech. Explore suitable rhymes more efficiently by limiting rhyme mates to words and phrases with positive or negative connotations. Find your muse with a special Songwriter Dictionary compiled from over 600,000 song lyrics. Reveal artists of charted songs with a click on a button or hide all song titles to immerse yourself in poetry. Express yourself effortlessly with an integrated thesaurus with over 2.5 million entries capable of finding syllable matching synonyms.


Fulfills Any Wish

Command over 10 million phonetic references with ease and finesse by choosing from 30 different types of rhymes: Additive Rhyme (augmented rhyme), Alliteration (head rhyme), Amphisbaenic Rhyme, Apocopated Rhyme, Assonance (oblique rhyme), Broken Rhyme, Consonance (suspended rhyme), Diminished Rhyme, Double Assonance, Double Consonance, Elided Rhyme, Family Rhyme, Feminine Pararhyme (minor accent rhyme), Final Syllable Rhyme, First Syllable Rhyme, Full Assonance, Full Consonance, Half Double Rhyme, Homophones (echo rhyme), Intelligent Rhyme, Light Rhyme (uneven rhyme), Metaphone, Pararhyme, Perfect Rhyme (true rhyme), Related Rhyme, Reverse Rhyme, Rich Rhyme (identical rhyme), Soundex, Trailing Rhyme (semirhyme), Weakened Rhyme (unaccented rhyme)


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